For several years, my "day job" was teaching. Even though I've moved my career into other areas, educating people is still an enormous passion of mine.

In my experience, most students fall into two categories: those who think they are smarter than everyone else and those who think they are dumber than everyone else. Clearly, those in both groups are wrong about themselves. But they require different methods of approaching that I have mastered thanks to a wide variety of populations I have taught. I've taught students in public schools, alternative schools, and colleges with age groups ranging from grade school to nontraditional and adult education.

No matter where my career leads me, I will always be a teacher, a fact that I bring to every job I do. Whether I'm providing IT consulting or speaking, I make use of all my educational skills. If you hire me to fix your IT problems, that's great for me. But if you hire me to educate you and your staff in how to fix and prevent some of those problems, it's great for all of us in the long run!

So where can I use these skills to help you out? I am available to teach individuals in one-on-one settings. I can also perform group trainings for you and your employees, providing not just direct instruction but documentation that can be used for review and guidance long after.