Although many customers and web developers out there miss this point, there is much more to web development than graphical design. If you just want someone to design some graphics and make a web page for you or your business, I can certainly do that for you. But if you are limiting yourself to just a page, you are missing out on much of what web developers like myself can bring to the table.

I tend to look at web development in a top-down manner. Most people think of a web site as something you make and just put out there for the world to see. I think of it more like an employee that works for me, only much cheaper.

A company web site isn't just about bringing in new customers. It can be a way of tying in many aspects of a business that helps to eliminate some of the endless shuffling of paperwork within and between offices. Message boards, chat rooms, private messaging, email forms, and other aspects of a web site are resources that I can help you to harness in ways that will eliminate many office hassles.

Many businesses are shy about investing in such ventures, as they do not generate revenue directly. While this is true, you'd be surprised at how much they can simplify things, eliminating many overtime hours and in some cases the need for entire positions.

Once that is done, we can then start looking at customers. If you need to attract people to your business, that's an advertising problem. But if you want to keep them there, web development can go a long way.

Don't see the connection yet? Let me explain.

Most company web sites are nothing more than a brochure moved to the digital world. Just like brochures, they just sit there and do nothing for you other than tell potential customers who to call or email. An effective web site won't just inform customers - it will involve them!

My greatest specialty in web development is taking an idea for a site and turning it into an interactive experience. I have a strong track record of building online communities with loyal visitors. Message boards will open your business to a whole new body of potential customers, particularly if you are active on them yourself. Many customers are much less intimidated by asking questions and getting feedback in an online setting, helping you to reach customers that might never make that first phone call as well as eliminating a large amount of the phone tag we've all gotten used to.

Are you needing a site that will have frequently updated information but you just aren't ready to hire a web developer full time? I can help you there, too. Utilizing a content management system, we can put a system into place by which your own employees can use an online form to make updated to your web site as needed without any knowledge of web design.