Where most people will have heard of me is from my writing. Hundreds of articles that I've written can be found all over the Internet on a variety of sites. Some of my articles have been picked up by sites such as SlashDot, NukeCops, RootSecure, and Lockergnome.

Currently, I write regular articles (both feature-length and summaries) for Lockergnome and SECOM Group. I also publish my own work as well as submitted articles on Lineman.net and SearchTheFreakingWeb.com.

Though most of my writing experience relates to technology, I am interested in writing about topics such as politics, education, and psychology. In fact, I feel my technology writing is the strongest when I bring in elements from these areas and tie them with whatever I am covering.

I'm not limited to online publishing, either. I have written one book of sorts (a 92-page teacher's guide for college orientation classes) and am working on several in my spare time. My progress on them are slow but an interested publisher would certianly speed me up. The working titles are Currently, I'm pursuing opportunities to expand my writing into the printed realm. Particularly, I'd like the opportunity to write weekly technology columns for a newspaper or magazine.

Here are some of my most popular writings and links to them from well-known web sites.